Food Allergy and Weight Issues

Proper nutrition ensures growth, health and is fundamental to your pet's well-being throughout his life. Many allergies and illnesses can be controlled or even prevented by correct diet. We strongly believe in the importance of proper nutrition

There are many choices of pet food available. No one food is right for all pets. It is important to assess each pet's individual needs which may vary with life stage or disease. We'll get to know your pet and help customize a diet specific to your pet's needs

We carry and endorse a large variety of researched and proven prescription diets from HillsPurina and Royal Canin which can be purchased online at Vetsource.

Purina also offers our clients a great price online that beats most pets store prices and offer free delivery. DETAILS HERE!

WSAVA Nutrition Toolkit

If you are you feeding your pets BEG (Boutique companies, Exotic ingredients, Grain-free), Raw or Homemade Diets, please read the following articles and contact our knowledgeable veterinarians for nutritional advice.