Our veterinarians know that cats are precious individuals who hide diseases well and don’t allow many in their inner circle. We respect that. We are attuned to feline sensitivities and provide the atmosphere and handling to best put them at ease. Our communication with you and comprehensive care, ensure that diseases that affect your cat’s happiness and longevity are diagnosed and treated early.

We Support Every Stage Of Your Cat's Life

As your feline friend grows, he or she will move through six distinct stages of life:

  • Kitten: 0—6 months
  • Junior: 7 months—2 years
  • Prime: 3—6 years
  • Mature: 7—10 years
  • Senior: 11—14 years
  • Geriatric: 15+ years

Naturally, as a cat grows and progresses through life, he or she will undergo physiological changes and face a variety of life events that will require care and attention. From kitten care to geriatric cat medicine, consistent preventive care can make all the difference in the quality of life of your cat. Ultimately, your cat's health will impact your relationship with him or her.

Cats are very good at hiding illness. In fact, most cats will simply become less active and less interactive when very ill. Any signs of illness that a cat may show will be very subtle. Therefore, any change in their behavior should warrant a consideration that they may be ill. Many clients will return from work to find that their cat simply does not greet them at the door as usual. This may be an indication that your cat is ill. Because the signs of cat illness are so subtle, if you should notice any obvious changes in behavior please call our office.

Cat Health Services and Treatments

At The Family Pet we specialize in the following cat health services for cats of all ages, breeds, and circumstances:

  • Abscess Treatment: Cat bites can quickly turn into abscesses if not treated immediately. This is why we recommend your cat be brought in for an appointment as soon as you notice they have been in a fight or not feeling well.

  • Acute Care: This is why we are here! To help your cat in their time of need. We save time every day for acute care appointments so that our feline patients can be treated as soon as they become injured or ill without an expensive trip to the ER. We will make every effort to fit your cat in and if we do not have an appointment available, we will usually fit your cat in as a ”drop-off”. Please call us (206) 784-3810 

    • What conditions fall under “Acute Care”?  Any injury, fall, cat or dog bite, abscess, laceration, wound, bleeding tumor, painful urination, inability to urinate, urinating small, frequent amounts, bloody urine, inability to defecate, dehydration, any cat not eating or drinking for more than a day, fever, eye conditions (scratches, discharge, holding eye closed), yellowing of the skin, recent bouts of diarrhea and/or vomiting, ingestion of poisons or foreign body (eg a toy, string), collapse, seizures, loss of use of limbs. If you have any doubt about whether your cat needs to be seen right away please give us a call

  • Allergy testing: Cats are commonly exposed to a number of allergens through a variety of routes; inhaled, ingested, and skin exposure. Once in the body these substances can cause disease in many different organ systems causing a variety of symptoms such as itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting, or breathing issues.  Allergy testing is an easy way to identify what your cat is allergic to and, if possible, remove from their environment. Even without knowing the specific allergy your cat faces, we have many new treatment options reduce their symptoms and make them more comfortable.

  • Anesthesia: We have state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, medicine and knowledge to ensure your cat stays safe under anesthesia.
  • Bathing and Hygiene: Proper feline grooming and hygiene is an important component of a healthy happy lifestyle. Not all cats are physically able to accomplish this. We provide sanitary clips, nail trims, de-matting and lion shaves for cats. We can provide sedation if necessary
  • Behavior Services: Your cat’s behavior is not all genetic, it can be learned and unlearned with your commitment and our help. Feline pheromones such as Feli-way and anti-anxiety medications also have good success rates.
  • Cancer Treatment: Our communicative, community approach to cancer treatment makes all of the difference for you and your cat. We work with local veterinary oncologists to provide treatment modalities that are not available at our hospital.  We provide initial workups, metastasis checks, surgical removal of cancers and follow up testing in concert with your oncologist.
  • Cardiology: Our knowledgeable veterinarians can diagnose and treat common cardiovascular diseases of the cat. We work with local veterinary cardiology specialists for more complicated cases and those where advanced imaging is beneficial. You cat’s care is a collaboration between you, us and the cardiologist, all communicating together to provide your cat the best care.
  • Dental Care: Our veterinarians are very experienced in feline dental care. We will work with you to prevent dental disease and teach you how to provide home dental care for your cat. Should your cat’s dental disease require treatment, our skilled veterinarians can provide treatment in our dental suite which is state-of-the-art and fully equipped to handle any condition including periodontal disease and painful feline resorptive lesions.
  • Dermatology: Skin diseases in cats can get out of hand quickly, may be contagious to you and make your cat miserable. That’s why timely and thorough diagnosis is necessary. Our knowledgeable veterinarians can diagnose most conditions quickly in our in-house laboratory and get your cat on the road to recovery.
  • Deworming and Parasite Prevention: Parasites, be they on the skin, in the intestines or in the heart are a danger to your pet. Several of the intestinal parasites such as giardia and roundworms are contagious to humans. We will ensure that your cat is treated for parasites and advise you on a parasite prevention plan that is right for you and your cat to stay safe.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Our facility has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment not found most local practices. NewTom Computed Tomography (CT), Digital whole body x-ray, Digital dental x-ray and GE Ultrasound. Our fine detailed imaging allows our veterinarians to accurately diagnose your cat’s condition so that we can quickly move on to the proper treatment. We also have a Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists that visits our hospital every week to perform detailed diagnostic ultrasounds of our patients. This allows your cat to get a specialty service without you having to travel and pay extra at a specialty hospital.
  • Emergency Care: We provide comprehensive emergency care to our patients and can address any emergencies your cat may have. Dr Schneider has been practicing since before emergency clinics existed and is experienced in many emergency surgeries.
  • Eye Care: Our doctors are trained to recognize feline specific eye disease and choose treatments based upon efficacy and your cat's tolerance to specific treatments
  • Flea & Tick: Preventing fleas and ticks is cheaper, easier and more comfortable for your pet than treating these parasites and the diseases they cause.  Your cat will be healthier and happier with regular parasite prevention. We carry a variety of safe and effective products and will recommend the best fit for you and your cat
  • Heartworm Prevention: We specialize in heartworm education prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for your cat
  • Hospice Care:  Our goal is for all of our patients to have a long, healthy life. When disease strikes, we will work with you to ensure your cat is comfortable and their disease is managed the best to reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life. We will help you assess their quality of life and support your decisions for end of life care when the time comes.
  • Kitten Care: We help you learn to care for your kitten through education and nutritional awareness while providing the proper preventive medical treatments
  • Laboratory: Our modern in-house laboratory means we can get faster test results and a more accurate diagnosis without the time delay of an off-site lab. This is important in critically ill cats that need immediate diagnosis and treatment to improve their prognosis.
  • Laser Therapy: Our K laser is a cold laser therapy used in cats to reduce pain and speed healing time in the body. It is painless, very well tolerated by cats and very effective when used post operatively, to reduce arthritis pain, to speed wound healing and to reduce inflammation.
  • Medications and Pharmacy: When your cat requires medication our veterinarians will provide the right prescription and in a formulation your cat is most likely to take.  Our in-house pharmacy allows us to fill hard to find veterinary drugs and sizes right away and get your cat feeling better immediately
  • Microchip ID: Microchipping is the best way to get your cat returned safely should they become lost. As an added bonus, our microchips show your cat’s temperature when read which your cat will appreciate!
  • Nutrition: Dr Schneider has over 4 years of animal nutrition education and our staff has regular continuing education in pet nutrition. Cats have different nutritional requirements based on their age, metabolism, allergies and chronic conditions. Many diseases in cats are primarily controlled using specialized nutrition. We are uniquely qualified to provide individualized nutritional guidance for your cat. We also carry common veterinary diets from Hill’s, Purina and Royal Canin right in our office.
  • Pain Management: We specialize in effective and compassionate pain management for your cat regardless of age, ability or condition
  • Preventive Care: Our comprehensive preventive care program is the first step to ensuring that your cat has a long healthy life
  • Sedation: We do everything we can to reduce the stress cats are under while visiting us by using fear free and low stress handling techniques, exposing them to calming feline pheromones and anti-anxiety medications. Sometimes this is not enough and we need to work with your cat to get lab samples and images so we can get a diagnosis and begin treatment. Therefore, we may ask you to return later with your cat on an oral sedative that you give at home.  In some cases, we will ask to sedate your cat with a safe (reversible) sedative injection. These options are better for your cat’s mental and physical health and improve the outcomes.
  • Semi-Annual Wellness Exams: A cornerstone of preventive care, semi-annual wellness exams help prolong life by allowing health issues to be identified and addressed early
  • Senior Care: We understand the special needs of aging cats, and we will partner with you to provide the optimal plan for your aging feline
  • Spay or Neuter: We provide a safe and painless surgical experience for your cat
  • Surgery: Our facilities, equipment, and staff offer your cat the best option for a successful surgery and recovery
  • Urgent Care:  We are here for you! Call now (206) 784-3810. We save time every day for acute care appointments so that our canine patients can be treated as soon as they become injured or ill without an expensive trip to the ER. We will make every effort to fit your pet in and if we do not have an appointment available, we will fit your pet in as a ”drop-off”
  • Vaccinations: Our veterinarians will recommend an individualized and personalized vaccination protocol based on your cat's needs

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