Diagnostics (X-ray, CT Scan, Lab)

The Family Pet is high tech with an extensive in-house suite fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic devices to assist our veterinarians in accurately interpreting your pet’s symptoms

Our Computed Tomography, DR X-ray, Ultrasound, K laser, Radiosurgery, DR Dental X-ray, Tonopen, the latest in-house Idexx CBC, blood chemistry and urinalysis machines. We have everything needed to get a definitive diagnosis to provide the best treatment modalities. facilitates rapid diagnosis and treatment

CT (Computed Tomography) is a safe, beneficial and advanced imaging technique that will often allow for a more precise and complete diagnosis of a pet’s injury or illness

Conventional x-ray usually does not provide any information on the internal anatomy of individual organs (except lungs.) CT is capable of revealing more information regarding the internal structure of soft tissue organs.

CT offers a three dimensional impression, which is particularly useful in evaluating complex areas such as the skull, spine and joints.

The Family Pet has one of the few CT Scanner for animals in the Seattle area