Pet Teeth Cleaning/Extractions

During your pet’s yearly wellness exam it may be determined that they need a dental cleaning. Dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, is performed under general anesthesia. This procedure involves cleaning the surface of each tooth as well as under the gum line where bacteria, food, and tartar build up. To ensure your pet’s safety preoperative blood work is performed prior to anesthesia. While under anesthesia a thorough oral examination will be performed by your veterinarian to check for fractures, periodontal disease, and other abnormalities. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted due to excessive dental disease. Dental x-rays aid in this evaluation process. Over 60% of dental disease occurs below the gum line so it is impossible to thoroughly evaluate teeth for painful disease without taking x-rays of the roots.

The Family Pet uses digital radiography which uses approximately 2/3 less x-radiation to instantly produce a very detailed image on a computer screen.  This image can be enlarged or enhanced for a quicker, more accurate diagnosis. Once diseased teeth are identified they can be appropriately treated or extracted to make your pet pain free and comfortable! Images are then saved to your pet's electronic medical record for retrieval and sharing. Dental x-rays have greatly enhanced the practice of veterinary dentistry by allowing instant viewing, enhancement possibilities, and eliminating the use of harmful chemicals!

The importance of dental health cannot be emphasized enough. Routine dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. When it comes to extending the quality of your pet's life, we believe that regular dental care is second only to good nutrition in degree of importance. Bacteria that live in the tartar on your pet's teeth produce toxins that are absorbed into the blood, and slowly damage your pet's kidneys and liver. Through regular dental exams, and polishing, the bacteria are minimized, and your pet's life is enhanced and extended. We recommend at home dental care when possible and an evaluation of the teeth by our veterinarian on a regular basis. Your pet's teeth should be thoroughly examined, cleaned, and polished every few years.